Some conditions may also be treated through the

Rave Reviews for Urgent Care

Since the day NorthBay Urgent Care opened at the Nut Tree Plaza in January, 2018, it has been garnering rave reviews from people who want immediate medical attention for non life threatening medical conditions, according to Mary Jameson, director of Women’s Health for NorthBay Healthcare.

“We’ve been hearing that they love it for the convenient location and for the service provided,” she explained. “It has shorter wait times and a lower cost than an emergency room, and a wide range of conditions can be treated there.”

Those conditions may range from abrasions and abscesses to stitches, broken bones, flu symptoms and animal bites, among others. Care is provided by a team of ER trained physicians and clinicians. daily. The center features onsite X ray, laboratory, some pharmacy services and accelerated test results delivered within minutes, so patients find almost everything they need to be diagnosed or treated is in one place. Some conditions may also be treated through the Urgent Care’s “Instant Visit” feature, where treatment for straight forward conditions can be recommended by providers through email within two hours.

## ## “Our patients have also told us they love being able to schedule an appointment on their phone, when they are given a window of time for when they will likely be seen. So, they can spend their time grabbing a quick bite to eat at one of the close by restaurants, or to do some window shopping.”

Walk in patients can electronically “save my spot” and will receive a text message when a treatment room and health care provider is available.

“Parents also like it because it is just across the parking lot from the Nut Tree Carousel and playground, and it’s a fun distraction for the children.”

NorthBay Urgent Care accepts most major insurance plans.

“You don’t need to be a NorthBay Healthcare patient to use it, either,” said Mary. “The benefit to the community is that we can treat patients in our urgent care setting and out of the Emergency Department. That way the ER can do what it is amazing at doing taking care of critically ill patients who need that level of care.”

Instant Visits Help Save Time, Money and Stress

NorthBay offers this service to patients seeking to access to primary care services with routine issues or straight forward symptoms. “Instant Visits” is a text based service that’s a perfect choice for patients suffering from urinary tract infections, back pain, cold or flu, sinus infections, skin conditions (such as poison oak, minor burns, cold sores and rashes), conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) and allergy symptoms. When you click “Start an Instant Visit,” you will be asked a series of questions about your symptoms. A provider will review your case and recommend a course of action within two hours.

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